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The City of Douglass has opted to adopt Animal Control guidelines and laws to ensure to allow citizens to keep certain pets, but to also insure the safety and security of both pets and city residents.  To follow are commonly asked questions.  If your particular question or issue is not addressed, please call City Hall at 316-747-2109 for more information. 



  • The Animal Control Officer and/or Butler Co. Sheriff are charged with the enforcement of laws pertaining to Animal Control.
  • The City has a State approved pound for dogs  
  • The City will loan traps to citizens in regards to skunks, armadillos, opossums or other wildlife. The citizen must take full responsibility regarding wildlife that is captured. The City also has a list of certified trappers, who will trap and remove wildlife.
  • Barking Dogs – continual barking is prohibited. The City will send a letter requesting that the situation be resolved. Further complaints will result in a citation.
  • No person or household shall own more than a total of 3 pets.
  • Vicious animals are prohibited. Pit bulls are prohibited. If there is a dog bite incident, a hearing is required within the 10 day impound time. Impound is required if there is no proof of rabies vaccination.
  • Running at Large: It shall be unlawful for the owner or harborer of any dog or cat to permit such dog or cat to run at large within the city at any time.
  • Impound Fee: $20.00 plus $15.00 per day. If the animal is taken to the veterinarian, those fees must also be paid.
  • Registration is required yearly. During December, January and February the City has offered free tags/licenses. Otherwise, fees are $3.00 spayed/neutered or $5.00. Rabies vaccination is required yearly.



                                         Fine Schedule for Running at Large

                                        With License                                           Without License
           First Offense               $25.00 + Board Bill                                  $25 - $200 + Board Bill
       Second Offense           $25 - $200.00 + Board Bill                 $50 - $300.00 + Board Bill
              Third Offense              $50.00 - $300.00 + Board Bill              $75 - $300.00 + Board Bill   


  • Unclaimed Dogs – The City will hold a dog in impound for 3 days. If within three full business days the owner does not appear to claim the dog or cat, then the dog or cat may be sold, euthanized or otherwise disposed of.
  • Any unspayed female dog must be confined while in heat so that no dog or dogs can gain access
  • Tethering/Picketing: “Continuously picket a dog for more than one continuous hour, except that picketing of the same dog may resume after a hiatus of three continuous hours, for up to three hours total time on a picket per day.” If there is no fenced area for a dog, other considerations consist of:


  1. Chain, leash, rope or tether shall be 10’ in length.
  2. Dog shall be picketed in a manner to prevent injury, strangulation or entanglement of fences, trees or other obstacles.
  3. A collar, harness or other device must be used to attach the dog to the chain, leash, rope or tether.


For a listing of restricted animals please visit the Code and Ordinances Tab or click here.

Did you know.....

Pet licensing and registration is typically free during the months of November, December and January?

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